PM SCADA Cyber Defense’s laboratory, unique in Quebec, Canada, hosts the most advanced tests and innovative initiatives allowing our customers and partners to reach the lowest MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) from an attack or a breach. Protecting the most complex and real-time ecosystems (e.g., Energy) using methodologies that are consequence-based and not just risk-based, providing the most efficient level of protection for human life. The most advanced technologies and models have been developed in this laboratory, powered by cyvaultTM, including our renown IMCD (Integrated Morphic Cyber Defense) solution which shields any type of environment and guarantees the needs for the right resilience required. Our laboratory in continuous evolution, solving battel-field challenges, as for example “Attack Source Attribution” and “False-Negative Recognition”.


If you have a cyber challenge that needs to be solved, we would be glad to assist from idea to product. Reach to us.