PM SCADA Cyber Defense’s vulnerability and advanced intrusion assessment services are based on a customized, tested, approach that elects IT/OT infrastructures’ vulnerabilities and attack vectors that could have a path to exploitability or a compromise. Guarding you ahead of a real breach!


Depending on your needs, we test the strength of your company’s network, systems and/or applications, critical services, using the best mixed methodology, technologies and tools. Through these means, our offense experts attempt to circumvent the IT/OT security measures in place, documenting the results in a detailed report demonstrating the weak points and recommendations for improving your company’s security posture on a continuous basis. These services are also offered in a 24/7/365 managed offer.


Vulnerability and penetration testing can be performed as an example in:

    • Industrial/OT/IACS/xIoT
    • IT Networks and Infrastructure
    • Cloud services
    • Web Applications
    • Critical Services (e.g., Water Treatment)
    • WiFi and RF
    • Hardware Hacking
    • SDLC (from static to runtime)


We have uncovered new vulnerabilities and assisted our partners/clients to provide built-in security in their products ahead of the commercialization to be ready for the real-world threat surface.