Businesses increasingly rely on quick access to digital information, especially during these evolving times. Remote access to business information is facilitated by the use of portable electronic devices which can provide employees with communication services and access to information, even when the latter is stored in the internal IT infrastructure.

These devices include personal digital assistants, cell phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, inter-connected services, etc.


PM SCADA Cyber Defense’s secure remote access solutions allow companies to protect their most valuable jewels, and their clients and supply-chain partners, through our various proprietary tools and services, allowing you to:.

    • Control access and identities to assets and data in order to limit internal breaches and increase your visibility to provide an unprecedented level of accountability.
    • Reduce your exposure to unauthorized access which can lead to loss of information caused by data breaches and weak security controls, using our unique multi-factor authentication solution, which provides a complex and personalized level and flow of access control.
    • Prevent data attacks using renown defenses such as tokenization, advanced loss prevention, and wire-speed theft circumvention technologies made for your specific needs.


Wherever your data resides or transits, we’ll secure it!