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PM SCADA is dedicated to surmounting any engineering and complex security challenge that is presented to it, and is confident in its ability to do so. Our experience in key technological projects, our understanding of good industry practices and our expertise in the security domain will all contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of organizations. They will also lower the technological risks that will be at the heart of any emerging company’s contemporary challenges.

Conceive, imbed and protect, that’s our motto!


Over the years, PM SCADA has conducted feasibility studies and proposed multiple SCADA solutions that proved their value in specific and complex commercial practices.

We have a refined knowledge of SCADA systems, specifically for the energy, health, transportation and petrochemical and banking sectors.

Experience with Critical Systems.

▲  Project management.
▲  Architecture.
▲  Work surveillance.
▲  Test simulations.
▲  Poduction line.
▲  Technical support.


PM SCADA offers customized engineering solutions for the industry.

We prepare the plans and provisions for tender offers and construction. These include:

▲  Entrance/Exit drafts;
▲  Drafting quotations for conception and installation;
▲  Installation location drafts;
▲  Panel arrangement drafts;
▲  Instrumentation and processes drafts;
▲  Logic Control(IEC-1131);
▲  Simulations and real-world tests;
▲  Preparation of test specifications (test plans, test groups, test scenarios);
▲  Provide logistics or laboratory and real-world tests;
▲  Participation to initiation and site supervision testing;
▲  Operations and maintenance guideline preparation;
▲  Project Management.